Johnny Climax is an underground Dublin rapper/producer. His music consists of diversified electronica and hip-hop, all of which he draws influence from to form his emotive musical selections as his own therapy. Johnny Climax has been busy, rapidly building a strong following for himself through an intense 30 days of freestyle raps over iconic 90’s hip-hop and r & b hits and multiple collaboration projects. 2019 is the year he opened the floodgates, leaving a lasting impact with his EP ‘I’m Fine”, a 6 track release inspired by how people treat mental health and rather pretend to act like everything is fine than to ask for help. The album is sequenced to tell the story of someone making peace with themselves. With a background in music production, you can feel the synergy between the music and lyrics translated in his ‘somewhat experimental approach’ to it all.

Growing up, Johnny was and quiet and a shy kid. Never really speaking due to a stammer and fear of saying the wrong thing. His first real taste for rap music was through Eminem, who at the time had just released ‘Mockingbird’. Quickly growing an interest in his music, he found himself rapping Eminem songs which gave him more confidence to speak. At the age of 16, Climax started to write his own rhymes to express everything he was feeling, from being confused about what was happening with his mother’s mental illness to adapting to becoming a man. Climax began to make beats to put to his rhymes. It was then that he realised his impetuous passion for all aspects of music, from producing, writing, recording and mixing. After years of experimenting and finding his sound, he has just started to release what he calls “therapy and lets me be me.”


Casie Millhouse // (+65) 9231 6640 // info@johnnyclimax.com